This costume is one of my favorites though I've only worn it to a few events. It was a bit of a challenge to make even with most of it being purchsed from thift stores.

The vest, shorts, and jacket were all purchased at either Goodwill or Value Village stores. The wig I got from the local wig shop. The shirt I made by buying a plain white T-shirt that I ironed the image on to. I had to track down the image online and edit it and clean it up to get it to look as good as it does. If you look closely you mightbe able to tell it is actually printed out in 3 parts as my printer only prints so wide.

The vest is just a black vest. The shorts are actually pants I cut down and modified. The sticks on the shorts I printed out onto iron on paper and ironed on to the shorts.

I made the wide wrist band for the watch using pleater, snaps and a cheap watch. I also made two simple leather band bracelets for the costume as well.

The orange jacket I made after finding a bright yellow jacket at a thirft store. I dyed it with red and it came out the perfect orange. I went as far as to properly write "Wyld Stallyns" on the sleeve of the jacket and tracked down an old shoelace to weave through the button holes like in the film.

The most expensive parts of the costume have to be the wig and the shoes.

For the shoes I just bought black Converse shoes and dyed white laces purple for them.