Since I was a kid I loved Spider-man. He was a cool superhero with amazing powers. Of course I'd love him! I collected comics for a time and started collecting them when Spider-Man was an adult in the comics and married to Mary Jane. I often hear how kids can't relate to an adult Spider-Man. Well, that would be incorrect. I related to him in the sense that I wanted what he had. He was cool, confident, fit. Yes he had normal everyday problems as well, but he was happily married to a beautiful woman and had things going for him. I have those things now, but when I was a kid I felt like an outcast and Spider-Man, with all his powers, was still an outcast at heart. I love how down to earth the character is and I love that he has spiritual beliefs rooted in Christianity.

For years I dreamed of having a Spidey costume to wear and one day I finally had the opportunity to get one. I got a suit online that was sized to fit me. The problem? It was only the print on Spandex and it wasn't sewn. I had never sewn Spandex in my life. But I was determined to sew this costume myself. I'll admit and it's putting it lightly, sewing it really got under my skin and irritated me. I pushed through it, with a lot of help, encouragement, and patience from my wife. Finally after sewing the main parts together it came down to sewing the invisible zippers. I was going to attempt it but decided to have them sewn for me instead. I think it was a wise choice. I'm not sure I'll ever sew another Spandex costume again. I do have another print, but with slightly darker colors, that I could start sewing. Maybe I'll do that someday.

For now I plan on just purchasing them made to fit. I feel like I've gone down the Spandex road enough for now when it comes to sewing it myself.