This costume was pretty simple to make. I found screen captures online of Rory's Stag party shirt and pieced them together as best I could in photoshop. I replaced Arthur Darvill in the image with myself, because in costume I'm supposed to be Rory. I felt like if I didn't do that I might as well have just been another guy at his party. I printed out the image onto iron on fabric paper, cut it out and ironed it on.

For the back of the shirt I found the font for the Rory's Stag text and 9. I printed it out, leaving little bridges for the spacing of the letters which made it easier to line up on the shirt. Afterward I cut away the excess and ironed it on. The 9 was just ironed on as well of course.

The bamboo broom I made using bamboo from Michaels as well as some ofthose decorative brooms they sell forthe bristles of the broom.

I've been lucky enough to travel to London and brought my Rory outfit to get a quick photo in London. I didn't bring my acucrate shoes but it's still a fun photo.

I was also am happy to say I've gotten to get photos with both Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) at Dragoncon. I got the photo with Karen in 2015 and Arthur in 2017.

I asked Karen if she would try to recreate the shirt image with me and we did our best to do it. It's not an exact match to the shirt but it gets the point across and it was a fun experience.

I asked Arthur if he wanted to wear my vest and he was very enthursiastic about it smiling with an "Oh yeah sure! Feels like back home" and I offered the broom for photo as well which he gladly used.