Making this mask was the first experience in sculpting and casting anything and it gave me confidence when it came to sculpting and casting the Beast.

I sculpted the mask using WED clay and molded it in silicone. Using the silicone mold in a plaster mothermold shell I cast the mask in Smooth-Cast 300. The mask had some issues that needed to be cut anyway, sanded and filled out with plastic putty after being cast but it turned out great.

After some searching, I managed to find a white Levi jean jacket in the same style from the film. I dyed it grey with RIT dye. After removing the sleeves I roughed up the jacket to give it that worn in look. I bought an oversized wihite shirt and modified it to more closely resemble the shirt he wwears in the film with a grey tank top underneath. The sweat pants are just plain old sweat pants. The boots are just regular boots and I doubt they are movie accurate. I think he probably wears some sort of high tops in the film but I could never get a good screencap showing much detail. The gloves are as accurate as I could find, premade with perforations in it just as in the film and fingerless.

Besides the mask, one of the biggest parts of this costume was making the golf bag. I found an old stovepipe golf bag on e-bay but it was very old and brittle. I removed the old canvas and used the base of the bag to build a new one with new canvas and a cheap belt strap I bought at Goodwill. The baseball bats I also purchased at Goodwill but later replaced them with plastic painted bats for convention safety purposes. The hocket stick is a cut down and weathered hockey stick.